Teaching  Philosophy

Whenever a student comes to me for their lesson, I recognize that they and every other student are coming from their own unique musical background with varying level of experience. My goal as their teacher is for them to discover their own artistic voice and for me to guide them as a caring, insightful, and positive mentor. I have studied with numerous professionals who’ve given me various perspectives and a wide variety of ideas which I can share with my students in any scenario. By focusing on core fundamentals such as technique, artistry, tone, projection, intonation, and reed making, we  will perfect or improve the student’s areas while challenging them to think critically as we explore the vast repertoire for the bassoon. All of this is important so that my students can leave confidently and prepared. Whether it’s in a professional ensemble, the classroom, or elsewhere, my students will be able to convey their own musical ideas orally and through their instrument.

Studio Policies

  • Lessons are paid for at monthly rates. If a student wishes to cancel lessons, they will be
    refunded their remaining balance. Payment is due at the first lesson of each month.
  • Lessons are scheduled to meet at the same time once per week. If a student is unable to
    make their lesson, it is their responsibility to contact me to reschedule before their initial
    lesson time. If a student needs to cancel a lesson for that week, it is their responsibility
    to contact me at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Any missed lessons or failures to reschedule will be unable to make up that lesson.
  • Students should arrive on time and prepared.
  • Students are responsible for paying for their own materials such as method books,
    sheet music, etc.

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